Who are we?

  • We are a modern and dynamic organisation that strives for and promotes excellence, professionalism, transparency and integrity.
  • We define ourselves as a diverse, flexible and equitable institution that offers each individual the opportunity to optimise their talent.
  • We aim to make our workplace intellectually stimulating and learning-based through individual and collective involvement in ECA activities and an ambitious training programme.
  • We depend on our motivated, well-trained people and institutional knowledge to serve the EU and its citizens.

Keen to know more about the ECA and our various employment opportunities, our working environment and professional development options, our commitment to the planet, or life in Luxembourg? Take a look at the boxes below:


  • Both Luxembourg and the European Court of Auditors are very international and, I think, a great place to start an EU career.

    Damijan Fišer
  • Working at the ECA is great: working with colleagues of different ages, various backgrounds, from all over Europe is a nice experience!

    Nikolaos Zompolas
  • If you have what it takes, then please apply and help us run the EU better!

    Karolina Beneš
  • I think the Court offers excellent training opportunities. You are also surrounded by a lot of knowledgeable colleagues who are happy to share their knowledge.

    Kevin Deceuninck
  • What I find more interesting is that I learn something new every day.

    Svetoslava Tashkova
  • At the Court I was told, and it’s true, that you can explore really very different areas, and I like that very much.

    Nicholas Edwards